Barcode menu

Menu: Barcode

The following functions are included in the menu 'Barcode':


(F6)   Text...Icon
Change the barcode number (or text) here. General enter it without a checksum. Some barcode symbologies support to encode control characters.

Set demo text

(F7)   Set demo textIcon
Sets the barcode text for a vaild value for demonstration or test purposes.


(F8)   ShowtextIcon
Decide whether the human readable text line is included or not.


(F9-F12)   RotateIcon
Select the orientation of the barcode in 90 degrees steps.

Foreground color...

  Foreground color...Icon
Select the foreground color for the barcode.

Background color...

  Background color...Icon
Select the background color for the barcode.


Select the font for the barcode text.

Align left

  Align leftIcon
Sets the alignment of the barcode to left.

Align center

  Align centerIcon
Sets the alignment of the barcode to center.

Align right

  Align rightIcon
Sets the alignment of the barcode to right.


Change the width and height of the borders an the notch length here.


All info about the barcode will be shown in a dialog box.

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