Print barcodes using the Generator

How to print a barcode exactly onto a page


Here we show you how easy it is to print a barcode exactly onto a page. You can specify the barcodes position and size in millimeters.

For example you can use this functionality when:

  • you have to print a barcode into a form.
  • you have to print a barcode exactly on a specific place on a sheet of paper
First launch the ActiveBarcode Generator. Now create the barcode you require. If you need information of how to use the ActiveBarcode Generator click here

To print the barcode please select the function "One Barcode..." from the "Print" menu. The following dialog box will be shown up:

Print barcodes using the Generator


Now have a look at the page you want to print the barcode. Take a ruler and measure the position and the dimensions of the place where the barcode should be printed. You need 4 values:

  • Distance from the top of the page
  • Distance from the left of the page
  • Width of the barcode
  • Height of the barcode
You enter this four values into the above shown dialog.

Now press the "Print now" button. The barcode will be printed.

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