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Barcode REST API

Barcodes as a Service (Software as a Service, SaaS)

With the ActiveBarcode REST API barcodes can be generated without installing any software. Barcodes were created by a https request and can be integrated universally into any workflow, html page, web- and desktop application. Regardless of the platform and development environment used, you can create all barcode that you need with ease. The REST API allows to automate tasks that need to generate barcodes.

The barcodes are generated on our servers. No plugins or extensions required on the client side. The software installation and maintenance is completely eliminated.

Highly accurate barcodes
Highly accurate barcodes
Server-side generation
Server-side generation
Platform independent
Platform independent
No installation & No maintenance
No installation & No maintenance
Here's an example of how to use it within your HTML page or web app:

<img src="https://api.activebarcode.net/v1/png?code=CODE128&text=ActiveBarcode&access=YOUR-KEY-HERE" />
<img src="https://api.activebarcode.net/v1/jpg?code=CODE128&text=ActiveBarcode&access=YOUR-KEY-HERE" />

This creates a barcode of the type Code 128 coding the text ActiveBarcode.
  • You can use the IMG tag with URLs to the API in the SRC attribute to integrate barcodes into any HTML page or web app.
  • You can use URLs to the API directly in your browser to create barcodes and copy and paste them to any application that can paste images.
  • Parameters allow to create all barcodes types with properties as needed.
  • You can try out and evaluate the REST API by omitting the API key. Without the access key, the barcode will be branded with a notice: "For evaluation use only".
  • The ActiveBarcode API creates PNG and JPG images to allow a wide range of applications. Best practise is to use PNG because this format creates compact and loseless images and is therefore a perfect match for barcodes.

How to use: Barcode REST API

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