Barcode REST API

Barcodes as a Service (Software as a Service, SaaS)

REST APIWith the ActiveBarcode REST API barcodes can be generated without installing any software. Barcodes were created by a https request and can be integrated universally into any workflow, html page, web- and desktop application. Regardless of the platform and development environment used, you can create all barcode that you need with ease. The REST API allows to automate tasks that need to generate barcodes.

The barcodes are generated on our servers. No plugins or extensions required on the client side. The software installation and maintenance is completely eliminated.

Highly accurate barcodes
Highly accurate barcodes
Server-side generation
Server-side generation
Platform independent
Platform independent
No installation & No maintenance
No installation & No maintenance
Here's an example of how to use it within your HTML page or web app:
<img src="https://api.activebarcode.net/v1/png?code=CODE128&text=ActiveBarcode&access=YOUR-KEY-HERE" />

This creates a barcode of the type Code 128 coding the text ActiveBarcode. This IMG tag in a simple HTML file will create this:

This simple IMG tag creates the barcode

  • Parameters allow to create all barcodes types with properties as needed.
  • Your access-key is not bound to a specifc device or user. So you can use it from as many users or devices as you like.
  • The ActiveBarcode API is constantly monitored for availability and performance.
  • The API will constantly updated, improved and extended with new features.
    You simply use the API but don't have to setup or maintain anything.
  • The ActiveBarcode API is also available as a Service that you can host on your own Windows servers if you require a high volume, hight performance and low latency environment.
    Contact us for more information.


  • Monthly subscription that can be canceled any day.
  • The prices for your country and currency will be shown at the order form.
    The valid VAT for your country and the resulting price will be displayed in the order process.
  • The first month is offered at a very low price allowing you to try out everything at almost no charge.
  • 10.000 requests each month.
  • Order your access key and start using the ActiveBarcode REST API now:

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