Freely scalable vector graphics

EMF and WMF vector graphics

Vector graphics example With ActiveBarcode you can save barcodes as vector graphics (EMF, WMF). These graphics formats allow free scaling without losses.

How do I create vector graphics?

  • You can save vector graphics with the ActiveBarcode Generator as a file. To do this use the function "Export" from the menu "File" and select vector format when saving.
  • You can copy a vector graphics to the Windows clipboard when using the ActiveBarcode Generator. For this use the function "Copy Metafile" from the Menu "Edit".
  • You can save vector graphics as a file using the ActiveBarcode Control's method SaveAs, SaveAsBySize or SaveAsBySizeExtended.
  • You can save a vector graphics at the console (command line) using the ActiveBarcodeCLI tool.

General information to EMF and WMF

Windows metafiles are an alternative storage possibility for graphics. In contrast to bitmaps the Windows metafiles (EMF, WMF) contain the picture information as commands and not as picture dots. This allows free scaling of the graphics without losses, as only the coordinates for the graphics commands are new computed.

What is an Enhanced metafile (EMF)?
An EMF is a 32 bit metafile which can be used from Windows 95 (not Windows 3.x) to show a picture. An EMF can contain a broader variety of commands than a normal WMF file. Basically an EMF is an advanced form of 16 bit metafile format.

What is a Windows metafile (WMF)?
A WMF is a 16 bit metafile which can be used from Windows 3.x to show a picture.

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