Setup & Uninstall

How to setup ActiveBarcode:

If you downloaded ActiveBarcode as ZIP, unzip the archive first.
Run the file ActiveBarcode-Setup6.10.0.exe.
To start the installation, allow the installation program to make changes to your device:

ActiveBarcode Setup User Account Control

Now follow the instructions of the installation program.
Select or change the language for the installation process:

ActiveBarcode Setup Language Selection

Confirm the license agreements and select the components to be installed:

ActiveBarcode Setup Selection

Installation hints:
  • ActiveBarcode-Setup6.10.0.exe and all componentes are digitally signed by the publisher Lars Schenk.
  • You need administrator rights for the installation. If necessary, ask your administrator to install the software.
  • On a 64bit system, all required components for both 64bit and 32bit are automatically installed so that it is ensured that the required components are always available, regardless of the container used.
  • The Office add-ins are automatically available after installation and do not need to be activated explicitly.
  • The ActiveBarcode object is available system-wide.
  • Installed ActiveBarcode components can be viewed under Programs and Features.
  • You can run the ActiveBarcode Generator from the start menu.
  • Tip: The ActiveBarcode object is even more flexible and powerful than only the ActiveBarcode generator. Learn how to use the ActiveBarcode object and the Office Add-Ins.

More instructions on how to work with the ActiveBarcode object and add-ins can be found here:

Notes for the licensed version:
  • Installing the license is easily done with just one click. You will receive instructions on how to install your license after your purchase.
  • After installing the software and the licenses, ActiveBarcode is installed, licensed and ready to use on your system.
  • You can view installed licenses under Programs and Features.

How to uninstall ActiveBarcode:

ActiveBarcode is supplied with an uninstall routine, and can automatically be uninstalled. No manual action is necessary to uninstall.

You can find the uninstaller in the control panel under Programs or Programs and features. Or simply click with the right mouse button on the app in the start menu and select Uninstall:


The program and features dialog is displayed. Here you can select the components to be uninstalled. Then follow the instructions on the screen.