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Check out the FAQ first before you consult technical support

We are happy to help you with technical questions. Please make sure that you have read our FAQ Support Pages. There we have collected the most frequent requests and solutions for you to help you quickly.

Technical support for ActiveBarcode

The product and it's possibilities are complex. ActiveBarcode customers will always receive competent support directly from the developers by Email if our phone help desk can't provide an instant solution.

Here are some hints before you contact us:
  • ActiveBarcode can be placed in many environments e.g., Access, Excel, Word, C ++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Internet etc. Give as as much information about your environment and programm versions used as possible.
  • Different versions add an extra layer of complexity. Best practise is to always update to the latest version before you contact support.
  • You can use ActiveBarcode in the many different ways: e.g., by macro, as an object or as graphics etc. Describe exaclty how you use ActiveBarcode.
  • Which steps have you performed and what is the expected and the actual result?
  • If you have a minimal example to demonstrate the issue that you seek support for, send it by e-mail attachment so that we can examine it in our lab.
  • Try to isolate the issue as much as possible so that we can reproduce it easily.
  • Reduced complexity helps to eliminate external factors.
We speak German and English and are best reachable on weekdays between noon and 6pm.
We are located in the time zone UTC + 1.

Send email to the ActiveBarcode Team: