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Distribution of the Barcode Object (ActiveX Control, OCX) with your own Applicaton

When you create and distribute an application with the ActiveBarcode barcode object (ActiveX Control, OCX) e.g. with a development environment like Visual Studio, you need to make sure that certain files are installed on the target system. There is an easy way to do this:

You may include the ActiveBarcode installation program (ActiveBarcode6.4.x.exe or higher) as part of your own software solution and use it.

Our installation program ensures that the barcode object (activebarcode.ocx) is available system-wide in both 32bit and 64bit variants. All required runtime components are installed and registered.

  • You are not permitted to make your license and license files available to third parties.
  • It is not allowed to create and distribute an application whose sole purpose is to create barcodes.
  • The information on this page is valid only for the Enterprise Editions.
Hint for automation: Use the /silent parameter if no user interaction is desired for the installation.
If you use the parameter /verysilent, the screen display is also omitted.

Use the parameter /type=control-only if you only need the barcode control (x86/x64) for your installation. This is useful if you want a simple solution1 to distribute the ActiveBarcode Control as part of your own software solution or just need a specific element from the ActiveBarcode Suite. The parameters accepted for /type= are: full, application, office, control-only, custom.

For example, you can start the installation of ActiveBarcode from your own installation program as follows:
ActiveBarcode6.x.x.exe /verysilent /type=control-only

1 If you need a lean installer for the Barocde objects to distribute them, a Windows Installer-based setup (MSI files) is also available.

Alternative: Windows Installer (msiexec) and required runtime components

If you do not want to use the ActiveBarcode installation program for your deployment, you can use the compact MSI installation packages provided by us. The installation packages for the 32bit and 64bit version of the Control can be downloaded here: ActiveBarcode requires runtime components of the "Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package". If you install the ActiveBarcode barcode object via the Windows Installer (MSI), you have to make sure that these runtime components are available on the target system. You can download the "Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package" from Microsoft.

Further alternatives

If you don't want to use our MSI installation packages to install the Control on the target system:
  • You can use your own setup tool. A lot of installations tools (as for example Inno setup) can setup and register the control during the installation.
  • You also can setup the control manually: When copying the control manually, you need to register the ActiveX Control (OCX) in the system before it can be used. You can do this from the command prompt (with administrator rights) with the following command: regsvr32 activebarcode.ocx
    Please note that you have to register for both the 32bit and the 64bit version.
  • If you have special requirements, we will be happy to help you with a individual solution and suport: For example, if you want to install the ActiveBarcode object only for the current user so that no administrator rights are required when installing and registering the component, we can offer you a solution.

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