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Barcode Web component

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The ActiveBarcode web component for PHP and ASP

ASP You can use ActiveBarcode web component to create barcodes with IIS and Apache2 on Windows. The barcodes are created on server side and no modifications like plug ins are required for the client side. Every standard Internet browser will display the barcodes.

We have included an ASP file (barcodeimage.asp) and a PHP file (barcodeimage.php) that works as a wrapper for the Barcode object. So it's very easy for you to create dynamic barcodes. Simply use the barcodeimage.asp or barcodeimage.php inside the SRC-Attribute of an IMG tag. The ASP/PHP file will return a barcode image to the client. The sourcecode of the barcodeimage.asp or .php file can be used everywhere and you are allowed to make modifications to it.

Highly accurate barcodes
Highly accurate barcodes
Server-side generation
Server-side generation
IIS & Apache
IIS & Apache
This is an example of the easy usage within your HTML code:
<img src="barcodeimage.php?code=CODE128&text=ActiveBarcode
&showtext=1&width=360&height=100" width="360" height="100" />
This creates a barcode of the type Code 128 coding the text ActiveBarcode. The image will be 360 pixel in width and 100 pixels in height.

This IMG tag in a simple HTML file will create this:


ActiveBarcode is written in C++ . We have stresstested it under IIS and optimized it for stability and speed so that you can use this component even on high traffic servers within the adress-space of IIS.

How to setup your server

Microsoft IIS
and ASP
Microsoft IIS<br>and ASP
The utilization of ActiveBarcode with ASP using the IIS. How to setup your server.
Microsoft IIS
and PHP
Microsoft IIS<br>and PHP
The utilization of ActiveBarcode with PHP using the IIS. How to setup your server.
and PHP
Apache<br>and PHP
The utilization of ActiveBarcode with ASP using the Apache server1. How to setup your server.
1 Use only on a Windows-based system

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