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EnterpriseInfoTo use this functionality you require a Internet-license


Setting up ActiveBarcode for IIS and PHP

The use of ActiveBarcode to display barcodes on Internet sites with IIS and PHP is very simple. A standard installation of IIS and PHP is usually sufficient.

If you do not have running PHP on your server now, please setup PHP now. You may install PHP manually or simply use the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.


Additional to IIS and PHP you need the ActiveBarcode control: The control activebarcode.ocx must be installed and registered (regsvr32 activebarcode.ocx) on the system. If you installed ActiveBarcode with our SetUp, the control is correctly installed. The license file (web license) must be installed by you manually. You received instructions for this with the purchase of the full product. This is not valid for the Trail version, which does not required a license file

Example icon The 'com_dotnet'  extension of PHP must be activated!
Current versions of the PHP binaries does not have activated the COM extension by default. This extension must be activated in order to use the barcode object. To do this, edit your php.ini file and add the line "extension = php_com_dotnet.dll" to the entries of the '[ExtensionList]'.
To use our PHP demo, please copy the contents of ActiveBarcodes PHP folder ('c:\program files (x86)\activebarcode\php\') to a sub folder of the 'inetpub' folder of the PHP. E.g. into c:\inetpub\wwwroot\php-activebarcode-demo\

Now open your local browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and open the URL http://localhost/php-activebarcode-demo/. An example page will open. This shows the usage of the 'barcodeimage.php' wrapper. This page should be shown with dynamically created barcodes, like this:

PHP Demo

How to use ActiveBarcode now

For the simplified use of ActiveBarcode you use ours 'barcodeimage.php' wrapper. This PHP file must be installed into a folder (e.g. /inetpub/wwwroot/php-activebarcode-demo/) that is covered by the IIS. You will find the wrapper file inside the PHP folder of ActiveBarcode ("c:\program files (x86)\activebarcode\php\")

In your own pages you use 'barcodeimage.php' wrapper inside the IMG tags.
Simply try this tag: <img src="barcodeimage.php">
A barcode with default values will be shown:


To specify the barcode you add some parameter, that describe the barcode you need. E.g. the text to be encoded and the barcode type.

One more example with a huge number of parameters:
   <img src="barcodeimage.php?code=CODE39EXTENDED&


More information: Parameter list of 'barcodeimage.php' Wrappers

This manual was created by Frank Horn

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