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Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition


The ActiveBarcode Enterprise Edition provides the following:
ActiveBarcode Generator
ActiveBarcode Generator
The stand alone application to create bitmaps and vector graphics of barcodes. Store this images to files or transfer them into your documents using the Windows clipboard. Print barcodes into documents or on labels.

The Enterprise Edition includes licenses1 for one location of your company of ActiveBarcode Generator.
ActiveBarcode Objekt
ActiveBarcode object - User license
Use the ActiveBarcode Object (OCX, ActiveX, control) in most standard applications like Word, Excel to add barcode technology to your documents.

The Enterprise Edition includes User licenses1 for one location of your company of ActiveBarcode Object.
ActiveBarcode Objekt
ActiveBarcode Objekt - Developer license
As a developer (e.g. with Visual Basic, C++. C#, .NET, VBA, Delphi or Access you can use the ActiveBarcode Object (OCX, ActiveX, control) to add barcode technology to your projects and applications.

The Enterprise Edition includes one developer license7 of ActiveBarcode Object.
ActiveBarcode Web component
ActiveBarcode Objekt - Web component
ActiveBarcode can be used as ASP or PHP server component for IIS or Apache (Windows) to create barcodes dynamically on the server. A great solution to create barcodes in an Internet or Intranet project.

The Enterprise Edition includes one web & server license7 of ActiveBarcode web component.

The fine print

(1), (2)
This license permits the use of the software on up to 1000 computers at one site (e.g. one office, one branch) of your company. Companies with more than one location need multiple licenses (one license for each location) or to upgrade to a world license. Passing the license to third parties or to other locations of the same enterprise is not permitted (even not when it's part of your own applications).

This license includes one developer-license. The owner of a developer-license can redistribute the ActiveBarcode control as part of his application to third parties like customers and/or other sites of a company. A developer-license is bound to a single developer. Each developer actively working with ActiveBarcode needs a developer-license. A developer-license is limited to 10000 redistributions or 10000 possible end users - whichever is higher. You are allowed to provide the ActiveBarcode control bundled with your own application to a third party as well as to other sites of your own company.
Developer-licenses are intended for redistribution to third party. Development of in-house applications is allowed. We ask that your own application is not cloning the functionallity of the ActiveBarcode Application and the ActiveBarcode Control itself. The developer-license is never hand out to anyone else but the developer who is owning the license.

This license includes one web/server license and can be used in server applications like web-servers, terminal-servers or Citrix-servers. This license permits the use of ActiveBarocode application and ActiveBarcode conrol on one server for internet-, intranet or other server based applications. The max number of total users per license is limited to 10000. Each production server instance needs one license, this is also true on virtual machines.

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