License FAQ

Time limit?Link
Is there a time limit for the use of ActiveBarcode? Does the license have to be renewed at some point?
No, it's a perpetual license so the use of the software is not limited in time.
Trial expiredLink
I have tested ActiveBarcode. Now it shows that it's expired. What can I do?
The free trial has expired. You need to buy a license. You can choose from different licenses. Once a license is installed, the expired warning will disappear. The software does not need to be installed again for this. Installing your license will fix it.
Is it possible to update to a newer version?
All updates within the same main version of the software are totally free of charge. Example: If you want to update from 6.0.0 to 6.4.13 this is an update within the main version 6.x.x. In this case your license will remain valid. All you have to do is to download from the customers download area and install the new version. The license is bound to a specific main version.
Is it possible to upgrade to a higher edition?
Upgrade to an extended license with ease and pay only the price difference. In the customers area you will find a voucher code that you can use to order the upgrade. If you do not yet have access to the customer area or just want to request the voucher code, please contact us by email.
How is ActiveBarcode delivered?
You will receive an email with access to the customer area. There you will receive further instructions and you can download and install your personalized licenses. There you will also find information about customer support, should you ever need it.
Delivery timeLink
How fast will I get the license?
Depending on the chosen payment method: Instantly or after receipt of payment.
Which payment options are available?
You can choose from credit card, PayPal, Wire Transfer and many more.
Return policyLink
Can I return a license?
No, we do not accept the return of licenses. ActiveBarcode can be tested risk-free before purchasing a license to ensure the software meets all requirements. The software is provided as a free of charge download and without obligation so that it can be fully tested before purchasing a license. Therefore the return of a license is excluded and you have to accept this term to be able to make a purchase.