Troubleshooting when using a Webserver


ASP Error 0178

Serverobject-Error 'ASP 0178 : 80070005'
Server.CreateObject-Access failure
Server.CreateObject Access to this object was denied.

The OCX file is missing Execute- and Read-rights for IUSR_xxxxxx.
Add the missing rights to ActiveBarcode.ocx so that IUSR_XXX can read it.

ASP Error 250

Script Engine Exception = Application settings not correct.

This error message indicates that the application settings for the directory where the script is running are not set correctly.
To do this, start the Internet Service Manager and make sure that the \activebarcode directory is set to "Scripts and executable files". It may be necessary to create an application first. As application name you can choose any one. Application protection: Low (IIS process).