Print barcodes on continous labels

Continuous labels

Printing barcodes on a label printer


Here we show you how to set up the ActiveBarcode Generator so that you can print continuous labels with a label printer.

Use the "Print / Printer Setup" function to select the label printer and set the orientation to "Landscape":

Print barcodes on continous labels


Use the "Print / One barcode" function to see which page size the printer provides:

Print barcodes on continous labels


Now set the label size using the "Print / Setup label sheet" function. You cannot use the standard formats here and therefore do not take them into account. Now use the values you have just determined. You replace the dimensions of 82 and 25mm used in this example with the values just determined. You accept the other values (0 and 1).

Print barcodes on continous labels


You can now print the labels using the "Print / Print labels" function. However, do not forget to define the position of the barcode on the labels beforehand using the "Barcode Position" tab.

Print barcodes on continous labels

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