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Support - ActiveBarcode Version 5.x

Example icon Please note:
The information here is based on the old Version 5 of ActiveBarcode!

Using version 5.x with Office x64

The ActiveBarcode Control of version 5 is 32bit and can be used with the 32bit (x86) version of Office only. Microsoft itself recommends to install the 32bit (x86) instead of the 64bit (x64) version of the Office package. This is valid, even if you use a 64bit (x64) operating system.

Using version 5.x with IIS

The ActiveBarcode control of version 5 is 32 bit, so 32-bit applications in IIS must be enabled. Setup the used application pool by using the function 'advanced settings':


There you switch the option 'Enable 32-Bit Applications' to 'True':


Using the command line tool of version 5.x on a 64-bit Windows system

If you want to use the barcodeimage.wsf program under Windows 64bit, you need to run the barcodeimage.wsf in 32-bit, as the control is 32-bit too. On 64bit machines wsf files are running in 64bit mode by default.

Have a look for a 32bit version of the cscript.exe or wscript.exe on your machine and then call the script using the following commands:
cscript.exe barcodeimage.wsf
wscript.exe barcodeimage.wsf
In general the cscript and/or wscript files are located in the %windir%\syswWOW64 folder.

Using Version 5.x with Excel can cause too thin lines in barcodes

This problem appears with some systems, when using several barcode objects in one Excel sheet. This problem is stronger with a low printing resolution than with a high printing resolution. Should this appear, can solve this by using the "Printfix" property of the ActiveBarcode control. Set the "Printfix" property of the problematic barcode to "true". Then the lines are drawn thicker.
You also may update to Version 6 of ActiveBarcode to avoid this problem.

Download of updates AddOn files

Add on icon Download new or updated files of the program package.
You need ActiveBarcode installed on your system to use this tools.

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