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Barcode object: Image file options

Supported image file formats

The functions SaveAs, SaveAsBySize and SaveAsBySizeExtended of the ActiveBarcode Control support different image formats and color depths:

Image format Extension Format 1-bit s/w 8-bit 16-bit 24-bit 32-bit
Windows Bitmap BMP 0 yes yes yes yes default
JPEG JPG, JPEG 2 - gray - default -
Portable Network Graphic PNG 13 yes yes - default yes
TIFF TIF 18 yes yes - default yes
Targa TGA 17 - yes yes default yes
GIF GIF 25 yes default - - -
Windows Metafile Format WMF 101 - - - default -
Enhanced Metafile Format EMF 100 - - - default -
Wireless Bitmap WBM, WBMP 19 default - - - -
Portable Bit Map PBM 7 default - - - -
Portable Gray Map PGM 11 - gray/default - - -
Portable Pixel Map PPM 14 - - - default -
X Pix Map XPM 23 - - - default -

Color depths marked as default are used when you use the SaveAs, SaveAsBySize function or when you set the color depth to zero when using the function SaveAsBySizeExtended.

Color depths for image files

Supported color depths are:

colordepth Description
1 1-bit monochrome, the image will be b/w.
8 8-bit colours or grayscale depending on the image format
16 16-bit TrueColor
24 24-bit TrueColor
32 32-bit TrueColor

Please note that not every color depth is available for every image file format.

Supported flags for image files

You can use the following flags when saving image files:

Image format Flag Description
BMP 0x1 Saves the bitmap as RLE (Run Length Encoded)
JPG, JPEG 0x80
JPEG Qualität "Super" (100%)
JPEG Qualität "Good" (75%)
JPEG Qualität "Normal" (50%)
JPEG Qualität "Average" (25%)
JPEG Qualität "Poor" (10%)

DPI settings

When saving as JPEG, PNG, TIFF or BMP image format you can set the DPI (Dots per Inch), if you are using the SaveAsBySizeExtended method.

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