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Barcode object: Properties & Events

Properties determine the content and design of a barcode

Text Property

Text char
Text contains the content of the barcode. Usually this is entered without a check digit.
You can enter control codes in human readable form like this: <CR>, <LF>, ...

ShowText Property

ShowText bool
TRUE: The barcode has a human readable text.
FALSE: The barcode is displayed without the human readable text.

Type Property

Type long
Specifies the barcode type with a unique number.

Rotate Property

Rotate long
The orientation of the barcode in degreess (0, 90, 180, 270).

Alignment Property

Alignment AlignConstants
Sets the alignment of the barcode to the left, to the right or centered. You can pass AlignLeft, AlignCenter or AlignRight.

IsValid Property

IsValid bool
Returns TRUE if the barcode is valid. If it's invalid, the text cannot be coded with the selected barcode type.

IsSizeOk Property

IsSizeOk bool
Indicates whether the barcode can be displayed correctly. Returns TRUE if the dimensions of the control are large enough to display the barcode. This value can only become TRUE if the barcode itself is correct - i.e. the value "IsValid" is also TRUE.

Picture Property

Picture pictureobject
Returns the barcode picture.
If you need the picture in a specific size, use the CreatePictureBySize method before you retrieve the Picture.

Font Property

Font fontobject
Specifies the font by name, style, effects and the size for the text line.

Version Property

Version char
Returns the version number of the barcode object.

BorderHeight Property

BorderHeight long
Height of the border above and under the barcode in pixels. The border is painted in the current background color.

BorderWidth Property

BorderWidth long
Width of the border on the left and the right of the barcode in pixels. The border is painted in the current background color.

AutoType Property

AutoType bool
ActiveBarcde tries to detect the barcode type automatically. This property is obsolete and should not be relied on. It's implemented for compatibility purposes with old versions.

Events are triggert when properties change

TypeChange Event

TypeChange BarcodeType:long
Is triggered when the barcode type is changed. The property Type is passed and can be used.

TextChange Event

TextChange Text:char
Is triggered when the barcode text is changed. The property Text is passed and can be used.

ShowTextChange Event

ShowTextChange ShowText:bool
Is triggered when the display of the barcode text enabled or disabled. The property ShowText is passed and can be used.

AutoTypeChange Event

AutoTypeChange AutoType:bool
Is triggered when the Autotype option is enabled or disabled. The property Autotype is passed and can be used.