Software FAQ

Black Box instead of a barcodeLink
Why do I just get a black box instead of a barcode when I embedded the barcode control in a form?
Your developing environment selected bad default colors for the barcode control. Simply customize the control and set the background color (Backcolor) on white (clWhite).
How to use barcodes in my Application or workflow? Do you have instruction for XYZ?Link
I am using the software XYZ and want to use ActiveBarcode. Can you assist?
Please have a look into the "How to use" section. There you find a whole bunch of step-by-step instructions. If you don't see your software there, you can contact us but be aware that we cannot know all the software that is available. First, have a look into the documentation of your software for information about how to use an ActiveX Control. Or if that is not supported you can always embed barcodes as bitmap files and use the Generator to copy & paste barcodes into your application.

Solving workflows is can be efficiently done by integrating ActiveBarcode with the command line tool or via the REST API.