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ActiveBarcode Downloads

Download ActiveBarcode 6.2.0

Barcode Download the FREE 30-days trial version now:

Note: The trial version works like the Enterprise Edition. So you can test the complete functionality of ActiveBarcode!

File..: ActiveBarcode-Trial-Setup6.2.0.exe
sha256: 74f35a288634afc81f0bccedbe1dd5ec9d73907293a3ff0cfdb2ab43d0be2eb2  
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Alternative download of the program package as ZIP Archive.

Download Example files

Here you can download some examples for different applications.
See by the practical example, how you can use ActiveBarcode.

Info The examples for Office products contain a macro.
So, the execution of macros should not be completely deactivated in the Trust Center. Easiest is to open the documents at a trusted location. You can configure this at the Trust Center.

When using an old Office version (< 2007) you need to set the security settings at least on 'middle' to be able to launch the macros.

The examples use the ActiveBarcode object (ActiveX)
Please keep in mind that these examples use the ActiveBarcode object, which is an ActiveX control. If the barcode does not show up or does not change, you may have deactivated the usage of ActiveX in your Office installation. You can change this at the Trust Center.

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