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Bitmap image files

Supported image file formats

With ActiveBarcode, you can save barcodes as a raster image. These graphic formats allow a precise pixel work.

Color depth
Image file formatExtension1-bit s/w8-bit16-bit24-bit32-bit
Windows BitmapBMP
JPEGJPG, JPEGmonochrom
Portable Network GraphicPNG
Windows Metafile FormatWMF
Enhanced Metafile FormatEMF
Wireless BitmapWBM, WBMP
Portable Bit MapPBM
Portable Gray MapPGMgray/default
Portable Pixel MapPPM
X Pix MapXPM

How to I create a bitmap image?

  • You can save bitmap images with the ActiveBarcode Generator as a file. To do this use the function "Export" from the menu "File" and select bitmap format when saving.
  • You can copy a bitmap image to the Windows clipboard using the ActiveBarcode Generator. For this use the function "Copy Bitmap" from the Menu "Edit".
  • You can save bitmap images as a file using the ActiveBarcode Control's method SaveAs, SaveAsBySize or SaveAsBySizeExtended.
  • You can save a bitmap images at the console (command line) using the BarcodeImage tool.

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