Delphi FAQ

Black Box instead of a barcodeLink
Why do I just get a black box instead of a barcode when I embedded the barcode control in a form?
Your developing environment selected bad default colors for the barcode control. Simply customize the control and set the background color (Backcolor) on white (clWhite).
Barcode does not change in the picture propertyLink
I use ActiveBarcode with Delphi in a database. First I open a dataset and print the barcode. This works fine. Now I do this again with another dataset and now the same barcode is printed. I'm using the picture property for printing.
Add the following line of code to your project exactly before you create a new barcode:
The developer license is not recognized by DelphiLink
Delphi cannot create EXE files which work at the customer without own license.
Please make sure the developer license is installed on the development computer correctly.
  • Start the development environment. Do not open your project.
  • Remove the ActiveBarcode control from the development environment (the package).
  • Compile the package so that the control is really removed.
  • Now insert the control back into the package.
  • This time the correct license information will be stored in the development environment and you can open your project again and compile it with the correct license.
Following these steps will regenerate the component wrapper ACTIVEBARCODELib_TLB.pas. You can check the timestamp by searching for "File generated on".

A detailed explaination on how to redistribute ActiveBarcode can be found here: Distribution of the Barcode Object (ActiveX Control, OCX) with your own Application.