Access FAQ

I cannot change the barcode once I have closed the document.Link
I created a document with the barcode object, saved it and then closed it. The next time I open it, I cannot change the barcode object.
This has something to do with the security settings of your Office, Excel, Access or Word installation.
The ActiveX component is blocked by the security settings when opening the file.
You can change this by openning the document from a trusted location:

1. Click the Microsoft Office Button and then click on the Options button.
2. Click Trust Center, click Trust Center Settings, and then click Trusted Location.
3. Add the path of your document file to the trusted locations.
Too small text line in a reportLink
In the design mode of the report, the font size is set as desired. As soon as the report is called up, the font of the barcode appears tiny.
Access uses the printer resolution for print output and the screen resolution for design mode.
This is why there are extreme differences, since the printer usually has a much higher resolution than the screen.
Access lets the barcode use a higher resolution when printing and thus the font size adjusted for screen output is much too small when printing.

Workaround: Set the font size of the plain text line much larger than you would need for the design mode. This looks unsightly in the design view or even leads to a "Size Error", but this only appears when the report is output to the screen. When printing, however, the selected font size for the high resolution will be suitable.

This way you can calculate the required font size:
The screen usually has 72dpi. You put this in relation to the print resolution:
Print font size = screen font size / screen resolution * printer resolution

With 600dpi printer resolution, 72dpi screen resolution and a desired font size 14 on the screen this would be e.g.:
14 / 72 * 600 = 116,6
Distribution of an application as a runtime Access database (*.ACCDE, *.MDE)Link
You specify that EXE files with your ActiveBarcode may be redistributed without royalties. Does this also apply to compiled databases from MS-Access?
Yes, starting with Access 2000 this is possible as the license information is stored in your compiled Access database. If you deliver your database in this form without the license no further license fees are due for the users of your application.
A detailed explaination on how to redistribute ActiveBarcode can be found here: Distribution of the Barcode Object (ActiveX Control, OCX) with your own Application.