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Office 2007,2010: I can no longer edit or modify the barcode once I close the file

I created a document with the control, I save it, reopen it and I can no longer edit or modify the barcode.
This has something to do with the security settings of your Office, Excel, Access or Word installation. The ActiveX component is blocked by the security settings when opening the file.
You can change this by openning the document from a trusted location:

1. Click the Microsoft Office Button and then click on teh Options button.
2. Click Trust Center, click Trust Center Settings, and then click Trusted Location.
3. Add the path of your document file to the trusted locations.

License is not accepted

Unfortunately, we use the full version and get an error message that we lack the license?
If you receive an error message under Access after you installed the full version and the license files, this is because Access did not recognize the change of the license from the Trial version to the full version.

In this case it is necessary, to remove all barcode control elements from the database that were created with the Trial version. Then close Access and launch it again. Now insert the barcode controls back into the database. Be sure that you have installed the developer license correctly before doing this.

Using the control

How do I use ActiveBarcode control with Word, Excel or Access?
Please have a look at our 'Examples' section. There you'll find many step-by-step instructions that will help you. You can solve nearly all problems and automate tasks with ActiveBarcode and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Too small text line in a report

The problem I have is that when I see a preview or print a report in MS Access, the numbers below the code appear very very small.
In Access a report is designed in a lower resolution (pixels per inch) that it is using while printing. So it is required that you create the barcode control with a much bigger font size than you would normally use. Otherwise the text line under the barcode may be very very small in your print. So change the font size for the text line (font.size property of the control) to a much bigger size even if the barcode control may display a size error in design mode.

Why do I need a developer license for Access?

Why do I need a developer license for Access? I use the database unique on a PC and is not distributed.
The license model for controls which was developed by Microsoft intends user and developer licenses. With Access starting version 2000 it's all the same what you make with it. A developer license of Access is demanded. Therefore, you need for Access a developer license, even if it seems unnecessary.

Distibuting a runtime Access database

You indicate that EXE files with your ActiveBarcode may be distributed without royalties. Does that also count to run-time versions of MS-Access?
Starting with Access 2000 this is possible as the license information is stored in your Access database. If you distribute your database without the license file no other royalties are due.

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