QR Code, Quick Response Code

QR Code

Description of QR Code, Quick Response Code

QR Code, Quick Response Code The QR code is a modern square 2D code. The marks in three of the four corners of the matrix provide the orientation. The code is well known by the mobile tagging for cell phones.

Which of the numerous types should I use to create a QR Code?
If you have no special wishes, simply choose the type QR Code. It creates a the smallest QR Code that is possible.

If you want to work with a fixed error correction, please select one of the following 4 types:
  • QR Code ECC LEVEL L : 7% of the data can be restored.
  • QR Code ECC LEVEL M : 15% of the data can be restored.
  • QR Code ECC LEVEL Q : 25% of the data can be restored.
  • QR Code ECC LEVEL H : 30% of the data can be restored.
These 4 types use fixed error correction and create the smallest possible code depending on the data to encode.

Alternatively, you can specify the symbol size. Select one of the types with fixed-size for this purpose, e.g. QR Code 45x45. The error correction is selected automatically depending on the amount of data as good as possible.

A list of the QR Code symbol sizes with examples and the ActiveBarcode type numbers is available here.

More information about this can be found at Wikipedia:

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Technical data

Valid characters: ASCII 1-255
Length: Variable with no fixed length.
Check digit: Calculated according to Reed-Solomon-Error correction
ActiveBarcode calculates the check digit automatically.
Type#: QR Code - #113 - CODEQRCODE
List of all symbol sizes
Info: This barcode types has no human readable text based on the specification. The ShowText property has no effect, when using one of this codes.