EAN-2 Addon / EAN-5 Addon

Description of EAN-2 Addon / EAN-5 Addon

EAN-2 Addon / EAN-5 Addon EAN 5 and EAN 2 are add-ons for EAN 13 and UPC-A.

The EAN 2 add-on is often used on newspapers and magazines. The EAN 5 add-on is often used for the price of books together with the ISBN code.

Both, the EAN 5 and the EAN 2 add-ons don't have a check digit.

The EAN 5 and EAN 2 add-on codes are only used in addition to EAN 13, EAN 8 and UPC. The EAN 5 and EAN 2 add-ons cannot be read by a scanner if they are used without these codes. Using ActiveBarcode you have to make two barcode objects - one for the main code and one for the add-on.

EAN-5 currency indicator for books in English language: The first digit of the EAN-5 is the currency indicator. If it's set to 0 or 1 the price is stated in GBP (£). 5 is US$, 6 is Canadian $, 3 is Australian $ and 4 is New Zealand $. The four following digits represent the price multiplied by 100. For example 50799 means the price for this book is US$ 7.99. If the last four digits are 9999, it means that the price is higher (or equal to) 99.99 in the currency given.

Here are two examples:

Example: A book with ISBN and price code (£ 79.00)

Example: EAN 13 with additional EAN 2


Technical data

Valid characters: 01234567890
Length: 2 bzw. 5
Check digit: none
Type#: EAN-5 - #03 - CODEEAN5
EAN-2 - #04 - CODEEAN2

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