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Data Matrix

Description of Data Matrix

Data Matrix One of the best known 2D codes is the Data Matrix code and it consists of 4 main components:
  • Data area: This area contains the data in codified form.
  • Closed limitation line: This is the corner that is represented in normal alignment to the left and below the data area with an uninterrupted line. Based on this, the code and its alignment is recognized while scanning.
  • Open borderline: This is the opposite corner of the "closed limitation line". These lines (above and to the right) consist of alternating black and white dots. These are used to the determination of lines and columns while scanning.
  • Quiet zone: This area surrounds the code. This area must be at least so wide as one dot of the code.

The development of the Data Matrix code started in the 80ies. Today there are different development steps, which differ in the error correction. These are name as ECC n. ECC is "Error Checking and Correction Algorithm" and that 'n' stands for a number. Basically there are two versions: ECC 000-140 and ECC 200. The current, most certain and recommended variant is ECC 200 (Reed-Solomon-Error correction). ActiveBarcode uses ECC 200 for the creation of the Data Matrix code. A Data Matrix code will be still readable when up to 25% of itself is covered or damaged.

A Data Matrix Code can encode up to 3116 numbers or up to 2335 characters. Different symbol sizes are used depending on the amount of data to be encoded.

In ActiveBarcode you can choose between different options for creating a DataMatrix:
  • DataMatrix (Type #37)
    In this type, ActiveBarcode always selects the best symbol size that fits for the data to encode. The symbol sizes 12x12 and 8x18 and the symbol size 20x20 and 12x36 have the same number of data they can encode. ActiveBarcode always uses the square versions of the Data Matrix Symbol in this case.

  • DataMatrix Square (Type #42)
    In this type, ActiveBarcode always selects the best square symbol size that fits for the data to encode.

  • DataMatrix Rectangular (Type #43)
    In this type, ActiveBarcode always selects the best rectangular, non square symbol size that fits for the data to encode.

  • DataMatrix <Symbol size> (Types #44 to #73)
    You select the symbol size for yourself via the type, e.g. you select the type "DataMatrix 18x18" to get a code with a symbol size of 18x18.

ActiveBarcode offers the following options/types for the DataMatrix:

value long Code Name
44 DataMatrix 10x10 CODEDATAMATRIX10X10
45 DataMatrix 12x12 CODEDATAMATRIX12X12
46 DataMatrix 8x18 CODEDATAMATRIX8X18
47 DataMatrix 14x14 CODEDATAMATRIX14X14
48 DataMatrix 8x32 CODEDATAMATRIX8X32
49 DataMatrix 16x16 CODEDATAMATRIX16X16
50 DataMatrix 12x26 CODEDATAMATRIX12X26
51 DataMatrix 18x18 CODEDATAMATRIX18X18
52 DataMatrix 20x20 CODEDATAMATRIX20X20
53 DataMatrix 12x36 CODEDATAMATRIX12X36
54 DataMatrix 22x22 CODEDATAMATRIX22X22
55 DataMatrix 16x36 CODEDATAMATRIX16X36
56 DataMatrix 24x24 CODEDATAMATRIX24X24
57 DataMatrix 26x26 CODEDATAMATRIX26X26
58 DataMatrix 16x48 CODEDATAMATRIX16X48
59 DataMatrix 32x32 CODEDATAMATRIX32X32
60 DataMatrix 36x36 CODEDATAMATRIX36X36
61 DataMatrix 40x40 CODEDATAMATRIX40X40
62 DataMatrix 44x44 CODEDATAMATRIX44X44
63 DataMatrix 48x48 CODEDATAMATRIX48X48
64 DataMatrix 52x52 CODEDATAMATRIX52X52
65 DataMatrix 64x64 CODEDATAMATRIX64X64
66 DataMatrix 72x72 CODEDATAMATRIX72X72
67 DataMatrix 80x80 CODEDATAMATRIX80X80
68 DataMatrix 88x88 CODEDATAMATRIX88X88
69 DataMatrix 96x96 CODEDATAMATRIX96X96
70 DataMatrix 104x104 CODEDATAMATRIX104X104
71 DataMatrix 120x120 CODEDATAMATRIX120X120
72 DataMatrix 132x132 CODEDATAMATRIX132X132
73 DataMatrix 144x144 CODEDATAMATRIX144X144

A list of the DataMatrix possible symbol sizes with examples is available at our examples page.


Technical data

Valid characters: ASCII 1-255
Length: variable (no fixed length)
Check digit: Calculated according to Reed-Solomon-Error correction
ActiveBarcode calculates the check digit for you automatically
ActiveBarcode Type#: DataMatrix - #37 - CODEDATAMATRIX
DataMatrix Square - #42 - CODEDATAMATRIXSQUARE
DataMatrix Rectangular - #43 - CODEDATAMATRIXRECTANGULAR
DataMatrix <Symbol size>- #44 bis #73 - CODEDATAMATRIX<Symbol size>
Info: This barcode types has no human readable text based on the specification. The ShowText property has no effect, when using one of this codes.

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