Code 39

Description of Code 39

Code 39Code 39 is an alphanumeric code. Each character is built by 9 elements (5 lines and 4 spaces) where 3 are thick and 6 are thin. This allows the self checking of code 39. Code 39 does not require a build-in check digit. The main advantage is the wider character set.

Code 39 is available with and without a check digit. This check digit is calculated according to Modulo 43. ActiveBarcode offers you both options. IF you create a code using the Text "CODE39" of type "Code 39" (#06) this barcode will be shown without a check digit:


And here is the code if you use the Type "Code 39 Checksum" (#26) width a check digit calculated according to Modulo 43:


Code 39 can be to produced in different proportions: 2,0:1 and 3,0:1. This is the proportion between the thin and the thick lines of the code. As higher the proportion, the wider is the printed barcode with same contents, but even better is readability. ActiveBarcode always used the proportion 3,0:1.

Code 39 uses stars as a start and stop digit. These stars (*) are normally not shown in the text line below the code. But sometimes you can find a Code 39 with the "start/stop star" in the text line; in order to create this code do not have to enter the stars: If the text line shows *1234* you just have to enter 1234 because the stars are a fixed part of Code 39.


Technical data

Valid characters: 0123456789[Space]ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ-.$/+%
Length: Variable with no fixed length.
Check digit: Calculated according to Modulo 43
ActiveBarcode calculates the check digit automatically.
Type#: Code 39 - #06 - CODE39 (no check digit)
Code 39 Checksum- #26 - CODE39CHECKSUM (Modulo 43 check digit)