Code 25 Interleaved

Description of Code 25 Interleaved

Code 25 Interleaved Code 25 Interleaved is a special type of Code 25 that is also a numeric code able to display digits from 0 to 9. The code is also known as Code 2 of 5 Interleaved.It has no built in check digit. The advantage of Code 25 Interleaved is that the code uses self-checking and it is very compact so it does not need much space like the simple Code 25. Code 25 Interleaved is only valid if there is a even number of digits. To display an odd number of digits you have to add a zero to the beginning (123 becomes 0123) or you may use your own check digit.

An example for the difference of Code 25 to Code 25 Interleaved: The digits 12345 will be codes. The result as Code 25 Industrial is as follows:


And here the same digits 12345 coded as Code 25 Interleaved:


ActiveBarcode always uses the proportion 3,0:1.


Technical data

Valid characters: 0123456789
Length: variable (no fixed length)
Check digit: Calculated according to Modulo 10
The check digit is optional.
Type#: Code 25 Interleaved - #07 - CODE25I
Code 25 Interleaved Checksum- #34 - CODE25ICHECKSUM

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