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Bar code object

The ActiveBarcode Control (OCX, ActiveX)

Screenshot Embed an ActiveBarcode Object (Control, OCX, ActiveX) into your documents and projects. It's very flexible and can be automated.

Create barcode objects directly in your documents. You can edit and automate the barcode directly inside the documents.

Developers use ActiveBarcode like a standard control. Place the barcode control onto your application form and get barcode technology with a few clicks!

Examples using the bar code object

Screenshot Embed and automate the barcode control in an Excel sheet. Link a cell to the barcode object.
Screenshot Embed the barcode control into a Word document. Automate the bar code object to create a mail merge.
Screenshot Use the barcode control in Access reports and bind the barcode directly to a database field.
Use the barcode control to develope applications in Visual Studio: Basic, C#, C++ or J#.

Programmers Reference:

Here you have an overview of all properties, methods and events of ActiveBarcode. Please select one of the following chapters to get descriptions on:


If you have further questions or problems, please have a look at our FAQ.

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