Valid characters: 01234567890-$:/.+
Length: variable (no fixed length)
Check digit: Calculated according to Modulo 16
ActiveBarcode calculates the check digit for you automatically
ActiveBarcode Type#: Codabar - #08 - CODABAR (no check digit)
Codabar Checksum- #33 - CODABARCHECKSUM (Modulo 16 check digit)


Description: Codabar is a numeric code with some additional special characters (0..9 and - $ : / . +). There are four different start and stop signs defined. These start and stop signs are used in our software as A, B , C and D. They are only valid at the beginning and the end of the code. They can be used to transport additional information.

Thick and thin lines are generated with our software as 2:1. This is the proportion. Codabar has no built in check digit and is primarily used for medical purposes.


Barcode types
Control / OCX

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