Change log: What's new?

Version 6.12.0

  • Barcode object 6.12.0

    Fixed a bug in Code-93 Extended.

Version 6.11.0

  • Barcode object 6.11.0

    Easy license detection: You don't have to take care to install the matching 32bit or 64bit license. Both will be accepted.
  • Fixed a rare glitch that prevented to find the license. Occurred only in a multithreading environment under very heavy load.
  • Barcode Generator 7.7.0

    Improved: Barcode Generator
  • Minor bugfixes.

Version 6.10.0

  • Barcode object 6.10.0

    Fixed a bug in GS1-Datamatrix that only occured when encoding a very specific incorrect text.
  • Improved installer allows silent installations even on server systems that don't have the constant "userdocs" defined.
  • Extended the user license to allow building executable files that can use the barcode object.
    When building an executable file without a developer license, the barcode object behaves as unlicensed. The user needs to purchase his own license in order to make the barcode object work.
    When building an executable file with the developer license, the barcode object behaves as licensed. The user does not need to purchase his own license because the compiled executable is licensed through the developer license.

Version 6.9.0

  • Barcode object 6.9.0

    The trial watermark is removed from the barcodes to allow a much better compatibility testing with any barcode scanner that you use.

  • Barcode Generator 7.6.1

    Improved: Barcode Generator
    Now available in even more languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch and Danish.
    Fix: Error in label dialog for data import corrected.
    It's now easier to define the barcode sizes in cm or inches. You can toggle between metric or pixel barcode size.
    Improved UTF8 handling. Serial numbers can contain Unicode characters when export images or create labels.

  • Website

    Now available in even more languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Version 6.8.0

Version 6.6.0

Version 6.5.0

  • Excel Add-In 1.9.5:

    Now available in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French language.
    Several barcodes can now be inserted at once not only as a barcode object but also as a static image.
    Minor improvements.

  • Barcode generator 7.2.0:

    Using the clipboard to insert a barcode as a vector graphics to a document is now working corect for more clients.
    Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Corel Draw and other will able to use the barcode as a freely scaleable vector graphics without losses.
    You can now also set the size of barcodes by entering cm/inch.
    Minor bugifx in the x64 version. Serial export "Next" Button in dialog behaving correct again.

  • Barcode object 6.5.0:

    CopyToClipboard and CopyToClipboardBySize are more compatible with clients when using vector graphics.
    Minor improvements.

Version 6.4.0

  • Barcode generator 7.1.0:

    Fix: Some printer drivers (e.g. Acrobat PDF) sporadically lacked some barcodes when printing. This problem is now being avoided.

  • Barcode object 6.4.0:

    Improved behavior when resizing the barcode. A "size error" will be prevented when using a large font for the clear text line allowing the smallest possible barcodes that are still valid.
    Improved behavior when the trial version has expired.
    Improved behavior when the license is missing.
    Fixed installer to support /SILENT or /VERYSILENT parameter.
    Improved and easier switching from trial version to the licensed version.

  • Excel AddIn 1.8.9:

    Improved: ActiveBarcode Add-In for Excel 2016,2013 and 2010 can insert a copy of the barcode as an image right next to the original barcode.

Version 6.3.1

  • Barcode generator 7.0.1:

    New enhanced version of the ActiveBarcode Generator. Now also available as 64 bit version.

  • Barcode Control 6.3.1:

    • Improved barcode clear text: Avoids overlapping characters and automatically resize font to largest possible option if selected font is too big. Automatic internal font resize for better usage for available space will keep the clear text line small enough to be printable even if user chooses a font size that was to big.
    • Improved readablilty of the clear text line for the barcode Code 25 and ISBN family.
    • Allow very small barcodes: Barcode without clear text line (i.e. PDF417) can be displayed smaller now.
    • Improved international error messages for better readability. Especially when very small barcodes were used.
    • Fix: CreatePictureBySize supports colored barcodes.

  • Excel AddIn 1.8.8:

    • Improved: ActiveBarcode Add-In for Excel 2016,2013 and 2010 can now convert multiple selected cells into barcodes at once. Create lists of barcodes with just one click!
    • Added a setting dialog to edit and save default values (i.e. alignment, rotation in 0, 90, 180, 270 degree, border width, link with cell, copy color from cell, copy font from cell).
    • Added a duplicate button to create an identical copy of a selected barcode object.
    • Improved and faster handling of "Insert Image" creates always exact image copies of the barcode object.
    • Better handling of merged cells.
    • Allow changing the cells font and color. The cells font will be used for added barcodes allowing to select font and colors.
    • Added "Delete all" that allows to delete all barcodes in a sheet.
    • Allow to set minimal size for all barcodes - allows to find the minimal possible size for all barcodes in the sheet. This easily fixes all "size errors" after adding multiple barcodes at once.
    • Toggle clear text line allows to handle all barcodes in the sheet.
    • Font size increase and decrease can now handle multiple barcodes: If a barcode is selected change fontsize for that barcode. Otherwise change the size for all barcodes.
    • Improved font functions and allow to apply font functions to all barcodes.
    • Change: Adds new bardcodes with border set to zero.
    • Most used barcodes are now easily accessible in the menu.
    • Better touch mode support.
    • Improved international support inch/cm and English and German language.
    • Many minor bugsfixes and improvements: Working with the Excel AddIn has become more swift and intuitive.

Version 6.2.0

  • New: ActiveBarcode Add-In for Excel 2016, 2013 and 2010
  • New: Control codes such as <CR>, <LF>, <TAB>, <ESC>, <DEL>, <BS>, <VT>, <FF> etc. can now be entered directly into the barcode object in the Text property.
  • Improvement: Validation check for Code-128, EAN-128/EAN-128AI and GS1-128.
  • Improvement: Presentation of the GS1-Datamatrix text line.
  • Fix: Datamatrix, GS1-Datamatrix and QR-Code reported IsValid only when the barcode was visible. Now developers can validate a barcode without actually drawing it.
  • Fix: Under specific cirtumstances GS1-Datamatrix 10X10 failed to create when size was selected very small.
  • Fix: Datamatrix, GS1-Datamatrix and QR-Code reported "text error" instead of "size error" when size was selected very small.

Version 6.1.0

  • New: Better handling of embedded barcodes in Word. Properties and position of the barcode object can now be changed even without having to activate the design mode.
  • New: The method of the barcode object 'CreatePictureBySize' can now be used even if the control is not visible. This allows a more versatile usage of the picture property for developers.
  • Fix: When using Word 2013 x64/x86, barcodes were shown twice in Design Mode under some circumstances. Print was not effected but the visual glitch also affected usability under rare circumstances.
  • Fix: When using Excel 2013 x64/x86, barcodes might have been shown with false size when the barcode was not fully visible and has been scrolled out of the visible display area.
  • Fix: Many minor improvements and minor bugs have been fixed.

Version 6.0.0

  • New: The ActiveBarcode Control is now available as x64, too.
  • New: The ActiveBarcode control is now available as a Windows Installer (MSI), allowing a simple deployment for administrators and developers.
  • New: You can directly enter some control codes like CR, LF, TAB, ESC, DEL, BS, VT, FF into the ActiveBarcode Generator.
  • New: When using the ActiveBarcode Generator ASCII characters above 127 can be encoded as Unicode UTF-8. This applies to QR Code, PDF417 and Data Matrix.
  • Enhancements of the ActiveBarcode Generators users interface.
  • Fix: Many minor improvements and minor bugs have been fixed
  • Change: The property PrintFix has no function because it is no longer needed and is therefore obsolete.
Older version history
  • New: QR Code.
  • New: PZN8 code
  • New: GS1-Data Matrix, with optional multi-line human readable text line
  • New: The Control, the Application and the setup are now digital signed.
  • New: By default, a font with fixed-width will now be used for a better optical result: Courier New.
  • New: The new names of barcode GS1-128, GTIN-14, GTIN-13, GTIN-12 and GTIN-8 were added.
  • Fix: Code 39 now always creates readable codes.
  • Fix: Many minor improvements and minor bugs have been fixed
  • The toolbar of the ActiveBarcode Application has been cleaned up. Also some improvements of the GUI.
  • New: A new DataMatrix type named 'DataMatrix Square' always creates square codes and no rectangular ones.
  • New: A new DataMatrix type named 'DataMatrix Rectangular' always creates rectangular codes and no square ones.
  • New: A new type has been added for every symbol size of DataMatrix. Now you can set the symbol size for yourself when using one of this types.
  • New: 'Quick print' (Ctrl-P) prints the current barcode on the selected printer without any changes in print configuration.
  • New: File Naming Option: Use Barcodetext instead of numbers after the basename when exporting multiple barcode image files
  • New: SetUp runs fine in Linux with Wine 1.2 now.
  • Fix: When using a fixed size of the barcode, the barcode displays not fully on screen in last version. This was a display problem only. Prints and exported images were not affected.
  • Fix: The configuration file activebarcodeapp.ini ist now stored in the Windows Application Data Folder and should no longer may cause problems with rights.
  • Fix: The PDF417 code generated false codes in very special cases
  • New: Configurable tool bar of the ActiveBarcode Application
  • New: Function 'Open Recent Files'
  • New: Function 'New' to create of a new barcode
  • New: Several optical advancements
  • New: The last used printer is saved
  • New: The Options menu is splitted into Language and Customize
  • New: Printing is not launched if a size error of the barcode occurs.
  • New: Now the selected language (German, English) is saved.
  • New: The number of the to exportable serial numbers and printable labels is displayed and set as a limit
  • New: Tip windows are unsettable to let them show up again
  • New: If a file already exists while exporting you now have the choice: Yes, no, Yes to all and Cancel
  • New: Update check now without browser
  • Fix: The DataMatrix generated sometimes false codes
  • Fix: Export and label printing now can make more than approx 32000 barcodes
  • Fix: Export: With the shift between Serial and Datasource the possible number was not updated correctly
  • Fix: With very long standard numbers there was a calculation error.
  • New: Export of barcodes image files with the ActiveBarcode Application with serial numbers or with data import.
  • New: Serial number function (Print, Export) now also allows text before the number, e.g. abc001, abc002.
  • New: If an opened file was changed in the ActiveBarcode Application and was not saved, a warning will be displayed when ending of the program or opening another file.
  • Fix: The check digit inside the ISBN-10 plain text line of the ISBN-13 Dual code is now correct, even if the check number of ISBN-13 is given in the text property.
  • Fix: The SaveAs methods have not released a handle when exporting to EMF or WMF and have blocked the file.
  • Fix: The PDF417 now also releases the SizeError for X axis correctly.
  • Fix: Now the codes 34,35,36 are also properly listed in the ODL.
  • Fix: The DataMatrix generated now and then falsely a SizeError.
  • Fix: Now the Property Alignment is saved persistent (Control)
  • Fix: Now printing with serial numbers is also possible if the number are very huge.
  • Fix: With some printer drivers some barcodes were sporadically not printed when printing labels.
  • New: Barcodetype: ISMN (International Standard Music Number)
  • New: Barcodetype: ISSN (International Standard Serial Number)
  • New: Export of a barcode as a WMF (Windows Metafile format) or EMF (Enhanced Metafile format) file.
  • New: The ActiveBarcode Application now supports file dropping of .bar files.
  • New: New barcode type added: ISBN-13
  • New: New barcode type added: ISBN-13 Dual
  • New: Property Alignment to center, left align or right align the barcode
  • New: Print labels on more than one page at once
  • New: Optional data import when printing labels
  • New: Simplistic user's guidance with the printing functions
  • New: The dialogs 'Info' and 'About' are now combined and offer new features
  • New: New function 'Save as' together with adaptation of the functionality of the 'Save' function.
  • Fix: The black blocks of the PDF417 are no longer 1 pixel too wide.
  • Fix: Now the top-plain text line of ISBN is positioned correctly
  • Fix: Improved representation of the PostNet and RoyalMail: Now the plain text line is always direct under the barcode.
  • Fix: Improvement of the error handling and error detection if no printer is installed.
  • New: Data Matrix Code
  • New in the ActiveBarcode Application: Right click into the barcode will open a popup menu for main functions to edit the barcode
  • New in the ActiveBarcode Application: Bigger edit field in the function 'Barcode/Text'
  • New: ActiveBarcode Command Line to create barcode images at the command line, in batch files or scripts.
  • New: ActiveBarcode Control: Methods SaveAs, SaveAsBySize and SaveAsBySizeExtended to save image files as BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIF, TGA, GIF, PBM, PGM, PPM, XMP or WBMP
  • New: New image formats for saving images files with the ActiveBarcode Application. It now supports BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIF, TGA, GIF, PBM, PGM, PPM, XMP and WBMP for saving image files.
  • New: Optional barcode-type-list on the right of the ActiveBarcode Application.
  • New: Additional label sheet standard formats. (ActiveBarcode Application)
  • New: Setting up label sheets is more easy and has a new feature that allows to create sheets that have labels with free space between themselves. (ActiveBarcode Application)
  • New: The menu function "Internet/Help" has been added.
  • Fix: A bug in PDF417 is fixed: An empty text causes no more errors.
  • Fix: The check digits of the codes ITF-14, Leitcode and Identcode are now displayed in the text line of the barcodes.
  • New: New option "Serial numbers" when printing labels.
  • New: "File/Save as..." has new option "BMP-Monochrome (1-bit)"
  • New: Specify the size of the barcode in mm/dpi for saving as BMP and JPEG is possible now.
  • New: If you create a "Code 25 Interleaved" with an odd number of digits the required zero will be created automatically at the begin of the barcode.
  • Fix: Problems with {`|~} characters in Code 128 and EAN 128 are fixed.
  • Fix: Bugfix in "Code 25 Interleaved Checksum". Codes with an odd number of digits now can be created.
  • Fix: Enhancements of the print routines.
  • Fix: A bug in PDF-417 Code has been fixed that caused a wrong code in some cases.
  • Neu: A PHP based solution for Internet/Intranet functionality has been added.
  • New: Codabar now can optional be created with a check digit according to Modulo 16.
  • New: Code 25 Industrial now can optional be created with a check digit according to Modulo 10.
  • New: Code 25 Interleaved now can optional be created with a check digit according to Modulo 10.
  • Fix: The EAN-14 will now be created correctly with the AI (01).
  • Fix: The FNC1 control character of EAN-128 / UCC-128 now works correct.
  • New: You alternatively can enter the prefix 978 of ISBN code into the property Text.
  • Fix: The check digit X of ISBN code will now be given back as 10 by the property CheckSum. Also the checking for a valid code has been improved.
  • New: Improved size- and layout dialog in the ActiveBarcode Application.
  • New: Infodialog containg info about the barcode has been added to the ActiveBarcode Application.
  • New: New code type: SSCC-18 (Serial Shipping Container Code) also known as EAN-18/NVE (Nummer der Versandeinheit).
  • New: Optimized Property dialog of the ActiveBarcode Control: Rotation can be set now, extended edit field for the text, Demo Text button etc.
  • New: New advanced license types.
  • New: Trial Version is no longer unlockable. If you purchase a licensed version of ActiveBarcode you get a full version.
  • New: Two methods were added to the control to allow the output of barcodes as a PNG-Stream: BinaryWirteAsPNG and BinaryWirteAsPNGbySize. These functions allow the serverside creation of dynamic barcodes within IIS for example. For more infos on creating barcodes with ASP/IIS on the internet/intranet visit this page.
  • New: Internet / Intranet / ASP / IIS support.
  • New: UPC-E code now displays with notches.
  • New: Human readable line of UPC-E code is correct now (0 in front of the barcode, check digit after the barcode).
  • Fix: Optimized human readable line in PZN code.
  • New: ActiveBarcode Application has two new buttons: Layout and Demo Text.
  • Update: ActiveBarcode Application's Layout dialog has been optimized.
  • Fix: ActiveBarcode Application's save and clipboard functions for images has been updated.
  • Fix: Borderwidth and Borderheight fix for EAN-13, EAN-2, EAN-5, EAN-8, EAN-99, ISBN, Codabar, Code 25 Interleaved, Code 39, Code 39 Checksum, ITF-14, Identcode, Leitcode and PZN.
  • Update: The human readable line of code ITF-14 hast been structured for better reading.
  • New: The software package has been extended by the "ActiveBarcode Application".
    Now you can create barcodes as BMP, JPG and PNG or copy them via the clipboard to other documents.
  • New: Barcodes now can be changed in orientation/ratation (0,90,180,270 degrees)
  • New: New barcode type: "EAN/UCC 128 AI" (very easy in usage of Application Identifiers)
  • New: New barcode type: "EAN-14"
  • New: New barcode type: "ITF-14"
  • Update: The height of barcodes now can be set extremly small
  • Update: The text line under UPC-A is now like international standards
  • Update: The text line of ISBN has been optimized
  • Update: The error messages inside the control ("Size", "Text") has been extened by the word "Error".
  • Fix: Property "IsSizeOk" works correct with Code 39 Extended now.
  • Fix: Constant"CODEEAN8" is now correct.
  • Fix: Property "Picture" returns bitmaps also in colors.
  • Fix: Bugs in Code 128C fixed.
  • Fix: Bugfix for UPC-E.
  • Fix: Code 39 Extended: some special characters will be displayed correct now.
  • New: Code 39 Checksum and Code 39 Extended Checksum.
  • Better structure of the plain text underneath the codes.
  • Fix: Bugfixes for EAN5 and other codes.
  • Fix: Printing barcodes with Word will now work fine. Version 4.00 produced too fat lines in small codes.
  • Fix: Picture-Property will work now correct with all Display-Drivers. Former Versions had problems with Display-Drivers running in 256 or True-Color-Mode. Only Hi-Color-Mode was ok for the Picture-Property in all former versions. This small bug may also have the side-effect that you can't print the barcode.
  • New: Identcode & Leitcode of the Deutsche Post AG were added for our German customers.
  • Fix: At Code39 Y/Z were puzzled.
  • Fix at EAN13, EAN8, ISBN, UPC12: Notches were to long when text below barcode was hidden.
  • New: Property dialog can be activated by a double click for example if you work with word.
  • New: NotchHeightInPercent sets the length of the notches at EAN13, EAN8, ISBN and UPC12.
  • New: Borderwidth & Borderheight sets the space around the barcode that is not used.
  • New: MaxBorderWidth & MaxBorderheight (read only) for developers for dynamic border definitions.
  • New: Easier registration process through a personal serial number.
  • Fix: In some rare cases (i.e. Access97 reports) the barcode lines were painted over the barcode text.
  • New: Demos for Word97 and Works.
  • New: InstallShield5 offers a safer install- and uninstall routine. All required DLLs are included and installed if you choose the "typical" install.
  • Fix: Setup und uninstall runs well now on Windows NT (Service Pack 3) and Win95B.
  • New: CopyToClipboardBySize allows barcodes to be copied as meta graphics with specified size.
  • New: CreatePictureBySize allows a custom sized Picture property to be handled.
  • New: SetDemoText sets the Text property to a valid default depending on the selected barcode type.
  • New: OleSelfRegister flag (in the version info block) for InstallShield makes it easier to implement barcode.ocx in your installation routines.
  • New: Picture property allows to use barcode as you know it from picture-objects.
  • New: CopyToClipboard method allows to copy barcodes as meta graphics to the clipboard.
  • New: Enhanced VB/Delphi demos show how to copy barcodes as bitmaps and as meta graphics to the clipboard.
  • New: UPC E, Code 93, Code 93 Extended, MSI, PostNet, Royal Mail and PZN.
  • New: Visual Basic demo with source code
  • New: Borland Delphi demo with source code
  • Fix: Visual Basic Forms with multiple barcodes are printable now.
  • Fix: Now all codes are printable.
  • Fix: Now Visual Basic correctly prints a form with ActiveBarcode on it.
  • New: Property ShowText allows text to be hidden under the barcode.
  • Fix: A resource memory leak fixed - no further loss of memory now.
  • New: Code128, EAN128, EAN99, Code25 and Code 39 Extended.
  • New: Displays "Size" when the barcode will not fit into the controls dimensions.
  • New: Displays "Text" when Text is not valid for the selected barcode-type.
  • New: Barcode-type None to "hide" the control.
  • New: Improved setup and uninstall.
  • New: Property Text and Type are now bindable.
  • New: Property Font and Color.