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GS1-Data Matrix

Description of GS1-Data Matrix

GS1-Data Matrix The GS1-DataMatrix is a special form of the DataMatrix. It's used for goods and palettes in commerce and industry.

There can be coded more than one data field inside one barcode. For example a food palette gets a barcode with the product number (e.g. the EAN 13 number) and additional the weight and the pull date.

To code this different data field inside one barcode the GS1-DataMatrix codes use the international standard of Application Identifiers (AI). A barcode could look like this:

GS1-Data Matrix

The numbers inside the brackets are the Application Identifiers (AI) and the data behind are the data for this AI. The brackets are only used for the human readable line of the barcode. There are not coded! The AI "(01)" defines that the product code follows. This product code is always 14 digits long. This length is specified with the AI. This 14 data digits follow directly to the AI. After the product code of 14 digits, the next AI follows. In this example it's the pull date, specified with the AI "(15)". This one is always 6 digits long and must be specified using the mask YYMMTT. In this example the date is 31st December 2005

How do I create such a barcode with ActiveBarcode?
You simply enter the human readable line including the brackets: e.g. (01)01234567890128(15)051231. ActiveBarcode removes the brackets and codes the GS1-DataMatrix correct as 010123456789012815051231.

If you are using AI's that have a variable length of data, you may be forced to use the control character FNC1 before the next AI to close the current AI. This control character "tells" the scanner that this AI is closed and a new one will follow.
Example: You want a code containing the Number in parts (AI #30) and the serial number (AI #21):

GS1-Data Matrix

In this example the "number of parts" is 19 and the serial number is 123456789012. The "number of parts" can be up to 8 digits long. So we code a FNC1 after the 9 to let the scanner know, that the AI is closed here now and a new one follows. To create a FNC1 with ActiveBarcode simply enter <FNC1> into the text property as shown in this example:

ActiveBarcode offers the following options/types for the DataMatrix:

value long Code Name
77 GS1-Data Matrix 10x10 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX10X10
78 GS1-Data Matrix 12x12 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX12X12
79 GS1-Data Matrix 8x18 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX8X18
80 GS1-Data Matrix 14x14 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX14X14
81 GS1-Data Matrix 8x32 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX8X32
82 GS1-Data Matrix 16x16 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX16X16
83 GS1-Data Matrix 12x26 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX12X26
84 GS1-Data Matrix 18x18 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX18X18
85 GS1-Data Matrix 20x20 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX20X20
86 GS1-Data Matrix 12x36 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX12X36
87 GS1-Data Matrix 22x22 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX22X22
88 GS1-Data Matrix 16x36 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX16X36
89 GS1-Data Matrix 24x24 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX24X24
90 GS1-Data Matrix 26x26 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX26X26
91 GS1-Data Matrix 16x48 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX16X48
92 GS1-Data Matrix 32x32 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX32X32
93 GS1-Data Matrix 36x36 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX36X36
94 GS1-Data Matrix 40x40 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX40X40
95 GS1-Data Matrix 44x44 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX44X44
96 GS1-Data Matrix 48x48 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX48X48
97 GS1-Data Matrix 52x52 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX52X52
98 GS1-Data Matrix 64x64 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX64X64
100 GS1-Data Matrix 72x72 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX72X72
101 GS1-Data Matrix 80x80 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX80X80
102 GS1-Data Matrix 88x88 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX88X88
103 GS1-Data Matrix 96x96 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX96X96
104 GS1-Data Matrix 104x104 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX104X104
105 GS1-Data Matrix 120x120 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX120X120
106 GS1-Data Matrix 132x132 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX132X132
107 GS1-Data Matrix 144x144 CODEGS1DATAMATRIX144X144


Technical data

Valid characters: alphanumeric
Length: variable (no fixed length)
Check digit: Calculated according to Reed-Solomon-Error correction
ActiveBarcode calculates the check digit for you automatically
ActiveBarcode Type#: DataMatrix - #74 - CODEGS1DATAMATRIX
DataMatrix <Symbol size>- #77 to #107 (excl. #99) - CODEGS1DATAMATRIX<Symbol size>

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