Installation FAQ

Installation without user interactionLink
Is is possible to setup ActiveBarcode in a silent mode, so that no user interaction is needed?
Yes, that is possible. If you start the installation with the parameter /silent, no user interaction is necessary.
If you start the installation with the parameter /verysilent, the installation will be done without any screen display.
Multi-user systemLink
What should be considered when installing on a system with multiple users?
The installation is system-wide. All users can access all components of ActiveBarcode.

An exception are the Office Add-Ins: Those are installed and activated for the active user only. If you want to install an add-in for additional users, please run the installation again for the respective user. You can log in as the respective user and run the setup again or you can choose to install only the desired Office Add-In.
Current versions of the Office Add-In's will be provided as separate installable files at the customer area. Those help to automate installation tasks for a huge user base.
Remote Desktop Services / Terminal ServicesLink
Is it possible to install ActiveBarcode on a Windows terminal server?