Failed installation

ActiveBarcode install failed?
If you run into errors during the install routine send a bug report by Email. Please be sure to install the latest version of ActiveBarcode. The install-routine provides you with detailed info if there were any problems. This info will help us to help you.

Installation without Internet Access

Are there problems if I like to install the program on a system without Internet access?

License by new installation

Licenses of some software products often are bound to a PC and then it can come to problems when a new installation may be required. How is that with ActiveBarcode?
You do not have such problems with our software. The licenses are not bound to a PC. Our software must be also NOT be activated on the Internet or by phone.

Installation without user interaction

Is is possible to setup ActiveBarcode in a silent mode, so that no user interaction is needed?
Yes, that is possible. If you start our installation with the parameter /silent, no user interaction is necessary and if you instead use /verysilent it will be additionally done without any screen display.

Error: api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll not installed

I get an error message that says that I can't use ActiveBarcode cause the file 'api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll' is not installed. What can I do?
Your Windows system seems not to be up to date. The missing file should have been installed by an earlier Windows-Update. To solve this problem, please launch Windows-Update and setup the latest updates.

Multi-user system

What is important when installing on a multi-user system?
The installation for the barcode object and the barcode generator is system-wide. All users can access these two components of ActiveBarcode. The Excel Add-In is only installed for the active user. If you want to install an add-in for additional users, please run the installation again for the respective user.

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