Barcode in a cell

I want to place the barcode into a cell and not as a drawing.
As far as we know, Excel cannont place a control into a cell.

But you can position the control exactly over a cell. This has the same effect. You can do this manually or use a macro for this:

' get cell size
MyHeight = Range(CurrentCell).Height
MyWidth = Range(CurrentCell).Width
MyTop = Range(CurrentCell).Top
MyLeft = Range(CurrentCell).Left

' extend cell height to 30px, change if you like
Range(CurrentCell).RowHeight = 30

' embed the control at the cell location
ActiveSheet.OLEObjects.Add(ClassType:="ACTIVEBARCODE.BarcodeCtrl.1", Link:=False _
, DisplayAsIcon:=False, Width:=MyWidth, Height:=30, Top:=MyTop, Left:=MyLeft).Select

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