Scaling the BarcodeLink

Why is it not possible to scale arbitrarily to get barcodes of any size between min and max sizes? When I scale the control, the content of the control - the barcode - does not scale continuously
The control itself may be scaled to any size you need. But the content of the control - the barcode - has to be readable by a scanner. So it has to follow some rules which exactly say what size the single bars and spaces must have. This is why you can scale the barcode to any height because this does not effect the width of the bars and spaces of the barcode. But if you change the width of the control, ActiveBarcode displays the largest correct (in the meaning of not breaking the rules) barcode that is possible within the controls dimension. So you can sometimes see that if you resize the control it does not change the barcode itself. You have to resize it once again (make it wider) to change the barcode, too. Sounds confusing? If you resize the control you will understand what I am trying to say <g>.