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Can I insert an Active Barcode object to my Microsoft Publisher 97 document?
Using Version 97 you can insert an Active Barcode object to your document, though Version 97 is also not an ActiveX container. So the ActiveX object is not correct supported and you the object will show a strange characteristics. Every time you change a setting of Active Barcode the position and size will be changed randomly. But you can handle this. First edit the barcode. Click the barcode with the right mouse button -> Active Barcode Object -> Properties and change the settings as you like. After doing this the barcode object will change the position and resize randomly. Now set the size of the object by "right mouse button" -> Resize Object. This function will work in opposite to the direct size change without problems. Last move the barcode to the position on the document you like. Even if this works, we recommend to use our ActiveBarcode Generator to add barcodes to your Publisher documents instead.