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Command-line FAQ


Where is my image created with 'barcodeimage'?

I test the 'barcodeimage' application under Vista and call the barcodeimage file in the programs folder (\program files\activebarcode). Indeed, it is indicated that a file was written, but I do not find it.
Vista does not allow to create a file in this folder if you don't have rights for this. That's why Vista creates the image file in the folder
c:\users\[Ihr Benutzername]\appdata\local\virtualstore\programme\activebarcode


How I use the 'barcodeimage' tool with the PowerShell. I always receive an error message that this file cannot be executed.
If you want to use 'barcodeimage' with the Microsoft Windows PowerShell, you have to call it using 'cscript'. See this example:
cscript barcodeimage.wsf code128.bmp "text=Hello World" type=14 width=500 height=100

Windows 64bit

I always get an error message when I launch the 'barcodeimage.wsf' file.
If you want to use the barcodeimage.wsf program under Windows 64bit, you need to run the barcodeimage.wsf in 32-bit, as the control is 32-bit too. On 64bit machines wsf files are running in 64bit mode by default.

Have a look for a 32bit version of the cscript.exe or wscript.exe on your machine and then call the script using the following commands:

cscript.exe barcodeimage.wsf
wscript.exe barcodeimage.wsf

In general the cscript and/or wscript files are located in the %windir%\syswWOW64 folder.

Command line: Entering control codes

How can I enter control codes, like a Return?
You can enter the following control codes in human readable form. Type the control characters within pointed brackets: <CR>, <LF>, <TAB>, <ESC>, <DEL>, <BS>, <VT>, <FF>, <FNC3>.

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