Description of PostNet

PostNet The PostNet (Postal Numeric Encoding Technique) is a code by the US Post Office. It encodes the zip of the addressee in a machine readable format. This improves the speed of sorting and delivering the mail.

The PostNet barcode is constructed as follows:
  • Start character
  • Data
  • Check digit
  • Stop character
The check digit is calculated as follows: First add all digits. The difference of this sum to the next multiple of 10 is the check digit.

The PostNet barcode is used mainly in 3 variants, that differ in the length of the data:
  • 5 digits POSTNET barcode: 5 digit long zip code
  • ZIP + 4 POSTNET barcodes: 9 digit long zip code
  • DPBC POSTNET barcode (Delivery Point barcode): 9 digit long zip code + 2 DPBC digits

The check digit of the PostNet barcode is not displayed in the plain text line.


Technical data

Valid characters: 01234567890
Length: variable (no fixed length)
Check digit: Calculated according to (see description)
ActiveBarcode calculates the check digit for you automatically
Type#: PostNet - #18 - CODEPOSTNET

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