Description of DUN-14

DUN-14 The DUN-14 (Distribution Unit Number) is not really a barcode type. It's a numbering system for shipping containers that uses other barcode symbology. The DUN-14 uses the ITF-14 or the EAN-14 symbol set. Modern installations always use the EAN-14 to encode the DUN-14.

A short comparison of ITF-14 with EAN-14. The number "3071234500001" is coded as EAN-14 first:


And now the same number as ITF-14:


The DUN-14 has the following data encoded:

  • The first digits represents the number of units in the container: 1=6 units, 2=10 units, 3=12 units, 4=20 units, 5=24 units. The digits 6,7 and 8 are standing for other numbers of units.
  • The next 12 digits are representing the product number. General this the EAN-13 number without the check digit.
  • The last digit is the check digit. ActiveBarcode calculates this digit automatically.


Technical data

Valid characters: 0123456789
Length: 14
Check digit: Calculated according to Modulo 10
ActiveBarcode calculates the check digit for you automatically
Type#: ITF-14 - #30 - CODEITF14
EAN-14 - #29 - CODEEAN14

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