Create barcode images

Use barcode images in Linux (with Wine)

You also can use the ActiveBarcode Application (Windows application) in Linux with "Wine". Like that it is possible that you create barcodes directly in Linux with the application.

You need a Linux System, with Wine installed. In our example we use Ubuntu 9.10 with automatically installed Wine.

Download the setup file of ActiveBarcode. Then open it with Wine:

Barcode, Linux

No follow the instructions of the setup.
That's it! Installation complete

Launch the ActiveBarcode Application and create the barcode according to your needs. If you need information of how to use the ActiveBarcode Application click here.

After creating the barcode you copy it into the clipboard. To do this select "Copy Bitmap" or "Copy Metafile" from the "Edit" menu (A description of the whole menu is located here).

Barcode, Linux

Now activate your OpenOffice,org document and move your cursor to that place you want to insert the barcode image. Now select "Insert" from the "Edit" menu of your application:

Barcode, Linux

The barcode is embedded as image into your document:

Barcode, Linux

This manual was created by Frank Horn

Info Read more descriptions of how to add barcodes to standard applications, e.g. Office, Excel, Word, Access forms, Access reports, PowerPoint, Visio,, Publisher, Freehand MX, Image Editors, WordPad, etc.

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